Self Improvement in 7 Steps

I’ve always been someone who enjoyed learning, in fact long ago when I couldn’t afford to acquire anymore education and decided that two Bachelor Degrees and a Masters Degree is far enough formal education, I decided to make every day my classroom. I figured if all my formal education couldn’t get me an executive position, then maybe learning from whatever the world had to offer me in my everyday experiences could.

And so, I began to use my everyday experiences as my classroom and what I learned was that there is always room for improving your Self. I decided to share this invaluable information with you in an attempt to help you improve yourself, because when you improve yourself from the inside out, you begin to attract opportunities that are in line with who you really are. I want you to achieve greatness in your life, and so here goes, my 7 easy self-improvement tips:

Tip One – Keep a Daily Journal

Most great people keep a journal. Sir Richard Branson has taken “selfies” with his unofficial lists and notes scribbled on napkins or whatever he could find at the time of a great idea infiltrating his mind. The idea is to keep track of what you are learning and thinking on a daily basis. This will allow you to analyze your thoughts and acquire a sense of self-awareness. Learning more about yourself allows you to easily reinvent yourself, and by simply taking notice of some actions or ideas you have, you will acquire a great power over your subconscious mind. By taking notice of what is going on in that marvelous mind you begin to reinvent yourself and also begin to develop unshakable self-confidence.

Tip Two – Meditation, Meditation and more Meditation

This has to be one of the most important steps and the most neglected step in any individual’s quest for self-improvement. It is the most important and I can honestly say has had the greatest impact in my life alone.

Meditation allows you to find inner peace, and to manifest your life’s greatest desires, and best of all there is no predefined time or practice in doing it, simply take a moment to rest your mind and you will begin to see the benefits of meditation. It has even demonstrated to be scientifically beneficial in all aspects of your life, including your health.

From lowering blood pressure, increasing breathing, slowing your heart rate and even regulating your digestion to mention a few. It also helps you sleep at night and gives your body the opportunity to recover and repair itself…if that is not enough to convince you of the benefits of meditation then I’m not sure what else you need… how about simply doing it for the fun of it!

Tip Three – Always Expect a Positive Outcome

I always found myself to be a bit of an opportunist more so than most people, mostly because in every and any situation I use to imagine the best outcome, and dream big, sometimes I would get upset with myself for thinking so big in life, until my dreams actually came true. I realized that most people begin to give up and start thinking small, so that they don’t get their feelings hurt if a situation does not go their way.

People who achieve great things in life aren’t normally anymore intelligent or capable than the average person. But they do one thing different which many intelligent people have a hard time doing: they expect to win, even before they know how they’re going to do it. And this is why I never gave up thinking Big…at some point your reality has no choice but to follow your mind, just keep on persevering and it will come.

Tip Four – Goal Setting (Macro and Micro)

The idea is to keep track of your goals in life, think big and write them down. The key is to write down small goals or action steps you can take in drawing your intentions into life. If you want to create an abundant life full of wealth, then think of smaller steps you can perform that will get you there. If you are constantly focused on the big goals without an action plan you may get discouraged from time to time. Your smaller goals or action plan or action steps will help keep you on track and get you to where you want to be.

Tip Five – It’s all About Balance

As you may be focused at improving one area of your life remember that there are many areas of your life you want to maintain a healthy balance. Life is about balance and equilibrium, and when things are off balance we begin to manifest illness and dis-ease. Try to focus on these twelve aspects of your life to maintain a balanced lifestyle:

1. Health and Fitness
2. Intellectual Life
3. Emotional Life
4. Our Character
5. Our Spiritual Life
6. Love and Relationships
7. Parenting Vision
8. Social Life
9. Financial Life
10. Career(s)
11. Quality of Life
12. Vision for Life

Write down how you can improve each of these areas in your life.

Tip Six – Repeat Positive Affirmations

I remember listening to a program that changed my life (Bob Proctor’s The Science of Getting Rich), it said that if you do not believe in a particular concept or plan of action that you want to manifest and you doubt it into your reality, simply continue to repeat an affirmation or mantra.

Through repetition the subconscious mind becomes programmed and impressed. And so, if you keep repeating the same sentence or words, your subconscious mind will have not choice but to listen and follow. I tend to write some affirmations on little cards and place them around my home in areas that I pay particular attention to. For example by the sink while washing dishes I repeat the mantra before me, I also place one in the mirror while brushing my teeth and getting ready for my day.

Lately, I’ve reverted to a new method. I invested in software that can create a digital vision board which I watch on my iphone daily on the way to and back from work. It’s called Mind Movies and is easy to set up within minutes. (You can read more about it at The Mind Movies Review).

Tip Seven – Spread the Love

The more you begin to change yourself and learn more and more about how to become a better person, you want to teach others to do the same. Spread the good word of how to make your life better with others. Let them benefit from the goodness of personal growth as much as you are. In the end, by helping others achieve greatness by manifesting their true desires and creating the life of their dreams, you will be helping yourself become a better person as well.

You can even begin by writing a short paragraph about each of these simple self-improvement tips. Write each one as if you were teaching the principles to someone else and your understanding of them will deepen, while you get ready to share them with the world.